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About Us

Advanced Products was incorporated in 1981 and is a subsidiary of the parent company, Pro-Lite, Inc., a leader in LED signage and marketing technologies.  Advanced Products was founded by the President of Pro-Lite, Inc. Andy Kaoh, with the premise of providing beneficial life assisting products to the public, to enhance and enrich everyday life. Through many philanthropic projects and deeds, active engagement, and strong ties with many charitable organizations and networks worldwide, Advanced Products has garnered strong relationships that have provided the ability to obtain and provide supplies of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to the US Healthcare Industry and to the general public, at affordable prices. Our goal is to provide quality safety PPE equipment to the public and to provide them to organizations and individuals that are desperately under supplied, such as US hospitals, nursing homes, and retirement centers. To date, Advanced Products has donated over 50,000 + surgical grade N95 masks to US hospitals, nursing homes, and retirement centers in desperate need. 

Why Advanced Products?

We provide high quality, Made in Taiwan, N95 respirators and medical masks, with some of the highest safety approvals in the industry to help provide protection and safety to you and others. With our medical-grade NIOSH-Approved N95 respirator masks and FDA-Approved 3-ply medical masks, you can be confident knowing that your masks are quality certified by two of the most world renowned and foremost respected safety organizations in the industry, and are the same masks used and trusted by many professional healthcare professionals, organizations, and governments around the world.